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Blendingthemix shortlisted! Vote for the underdog!

As you can see to the above (soon to be the top left when the post moves down the blog!) I have in fact, made it onto the shortlist for Computer Weekly’s “Best Web 2.0 and Business” blog awards.

I have to admit to not knowing any of the other blogs in the same category when the shortlist came out other than Mike’s Techcrunch. That alone makes me think I have some bloody stiff opposition, let alone now that I have seen the other nominees:

* Brian Kelly’s UK Web Focus: Reflections on the Web and Web 2.0
* Roo Reynolds – What’s Next?, “UK-based Metaverse Evangelist, blogger and geek”
* Eightbar from Hursley Park
* DRM blog by CapGemini’s Jude Umeh, from BCS
* Middledigit.net, by Jonathan Hopkins and covers Web 2.0, technology and marketing
* Broadstuff.com from Broadsight
* TechCrunch UK
* Blending the Mix: A look at the new world and new marketing and all it means…
* Paul Downey: Whatfettle, marras?
* User Pathways by James Kelway
* Ian White and Michael Pincher’s blog on collaborative technologies,

And I can’t go without encouraging you to vote for one of my two pals below (who unfortunately reside in the same category):

Steve from Microsoft and Stephen from Rainier PR. Both are really, really good blogs written by two very smart (and successful) guys to boot! If you have to vote – give each of these guys a vote!

Oh…and don’t forget to give the guys at Outside Line a vote too. IMHO, the LG Blog is the benchmark for blogger outreach (and that is no slight on the wonderful work that David et al. do either!).

Don’t get me wrong, these blogs are all good, but if you DON’T vote for me, I’ll get Viacom’s lawyers to force your ISP to give me your IP address…and I’ll come round with some little friends!

  1. Jonathan says: July 3, 20085:34 pm

    hey congrats – I’ve been shortlisted too and feel somewhat odd. I just voted for Wadds – great blog, one that I enjoy and actually read. Good luck !

  2. Paul Downey says: July 4, 20083:25 am

    heh, and I thought *I* was the underdog .. especially given I blog so infrequently :)

  3. paul.fabretti says: July 4, 20086:24 am

    @jonathan – Stephen is a great guy! Good luck with the final countdown!!

  4. paul.fabretti says: July 4, 20086:25 am

    @Paul it’s about quality, not quantity – although a good mix of both would no doubt help (hence the flurry of activity from here!!)

  5. Chris at LG says: July 4, 20087:23 am

    Hi Paul, thanks for the link! We’re really pleased to have got the final shortlist, especially for a blog that isn’t even a year old up against some of the established heavyweights – very flattering.

  6. paul.fabretti says: July 4, 20088:25 am

    @Chris – it’s well deserved Chris! More importantly, you have managed to get a brand accepted into a closed community which is a fantastic achievement.

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