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New LG Secret – accelerometer goodness!

On the LG blog, Chris demo’s some of the new features of the new LG Secret – I am sure he is thinking of letting me demo one too but until then, look at the darts and fishing games. Awesome! And something I am thinking of developing for the new iPhone:


  1. James Whatley says: June 8, 20084:45 pm

    Dude, I got one of these at the blogger launch… It’s a nice gimmick but it doesn’t hide the lack of overall connectivity/sharing options available on the handset.

  2. Pages tagged "the secret" says: June 8, 20087:01 pm

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  3. Chris at LG says: June 9, 200811:01 am

    Paul – thanks for highlighting the video – I was quite nervous doing it and the video is a little rushed & blurry. Still, glad you like it.

    James – the Secret’ does have HSDPA and Bluetooth and comes with a Google package, so it’s quite well-connected for a mid-range phone. Exact availability does depend on the service provider, though.

  4. James Whatley says: June 9, 200811:10 am

    HSDPA & Bluetooth don’t enable sending photos/videos to my facebook/flickr though, right?

    Don’t get me wrong, it is a really nice device.

    But for such a forward thinking company I thought you would’ve opened it up a bit y’know?

    You guys *know* what I’m talking about…

  5. Chris at LG says: June 10, 20085:08 am

    James, I agree that more compatibility with web services is a good thing, including Facebook & Flickr, and definitely the future. Embracing these services and opening up the platform to allow these apps is, as Jeremy Newing said at the bloggers’ day, a future course of action for LG, but these things take time.

  6. James Whatley says: June 10, 20085:39 am

    Good response.

    I for one look forward to the improvements you mentioned. The LG Secret actual build quality is awesome. It’s a lovely device to physically hold.

    Get the innards sorted and I you may have a future customer right here…


  7. paul.fabretti says: June 10, 20089:08 am

    The big thing for me with the Viewty was the direct upload to You Tube.

    I think the biggest stumbling block to people using phones to upload content to the net is the the interface or the method of upload.

    I am NOT going to be bothered to post stuff if it involves getting home, putting on my machine, hooking the machines up and then submitting.

    Give me an OS which will let me upload to YouTube, Facebook, flickr etc. which is as easy as sending an MMS and I am hooked.

    @Jimbo – Interesting you say about the build quality of the Secret. The viewty started out quite well, but is struggling a bit now – a lot of creaks, screen seems to bend and the back is loose.

    I presume the construction of the Secret is different?

  8. Chris at LG says: June 11, 20085:26 am

    Paul – yes the Secret is constructed differently, in fact it’s built with 18- and 24-month contracts in mind – as phone contracts have been getting longer there’s more demand for more durable phones. On another of our YouTube vids, you can see me putting the phone’s casing through its paces quite brutally – I’ve done the same demo on the handset a dozen times since and it’s still pristine.

  9. James Whatley says: June 11, 20085:29 am

    Hence “Style that lasts” eh?

    Nice to meet you last night Chris BTW.
    Cheers for the good/honest feedback.


  10. paul.fabretti says: June 11, 20086:10 am

    Good stuff – interesting perspective on build actually.

    I never considered build as a function of contract duration. Saw it as more driven by market desire for good, solid handsets.

    Jeez – when I am going to meet you guys?!! Feel a bit left out here!!

  11. Dave Kinsella says: June 11, 20085:29 pm

    Will LG be issuing the phone with a wrist strap like the nintendo wiimote?
    I could imagine plenty of complaints from people who lobbed their phone across the room going for for a double-top to finish.

  12. Vero Pepperrell says: June 16, 20087:35 am

    Watch that Whatley guy if you meet him, Paul. He’s nothing but trouble! 😉

  13. paul.fabretti says: June 16, 20082:25 pm

    @vero OMG – that’s worrying! He’s speaking for us at a seminar!

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