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Orange offering free social networking

In the first of its kind in the UK, Orange are now offering free access to social networks (Facebook and MySpace mentioned by name) as part of their tariff pricing.


Orange – free texts, Facebook and Myspace

Woah….now Vodafone are selling Unlimited Internet add-ons saying that you can get unlimited Facebook access. (can you tell I am watching big brother?!)

I this kind of move the trigger to take social networking truly mobile? Let’s check out some of the figures:

A significant beginning (US):
32% of MySpace users upload content taken on a mobile phone
13% Facebook
11% Windows Live Spaces

In the UK:
21% MySpace
18% Windows Live Space
9% You Tube
9% Bebo

69% of those users submitting content to social network via mobile are aged 15-17 (US)
9% of UK mobile social networkers are 15-17 compared 5% of the total population

Bebo – a pot of mobile gold?
40% of mobile social networkers (aged 15-17) use Bebo compared to MySpace (28%) and windows Live spaces (27%)

(stats courtesy of Telephia)

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