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Getting started with Windows Live Writer 1

I have long been a fan of WLW and have been using it since it first launched in beta. In fact, I love it so much that I recommend many of my corporate blog clients use it too!

Why? Familiarity. Authors of widely varying skills can easily post to a blog with little or no additional training, eradicating any fear that blogging is something that requires a technical skill or requires learning something new.

Any blog platform (whether it be wordpress, typepad or blogger) can have an ominous-looking interface to the uninitiated. It is not, but these interfaces can often be an obstacle you may need to cross all the same. The fear of something new is frighteningly difficult to overcome – and this is where WLW comes into its own.

Check out Video 1 (below) to pick up the basics of Live Writer and check back here daily to see a new video.

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