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Computer Weekly Blog Awards – Will I be nominated?


Someone thinks highly of me – ok, so I think highly of me but when you are talking about spreading your own Global Microbrand having an ego doesn’t do you any harm!

I am hoping to be included ON MERIT :-) in the web 2.0 category for best Web 2.0 business blogs. Why? Most of you probably couldn’t care less, but it IS just a click to vote and would help spread the message in the UK that Web 2.0 is NOT just shiny gimmicks, but valuable and massively important commercial as well as social tools.

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…voting for me is a vote for giving the UK the voice it deserves in the Web 2.0 world. As Ryan says, the UK is a hot-bed of talent and skill that the Silicon Valley monster dominates.

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I’ll be sticking this little baby (below) on the blog as soon as I can figure out how to stop it breaking my theme, but feel free to show your appreciation for all things UK Web 2.0 by voting below in the meantime!

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