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Interview with the Twitter founders

Thanks to @Techn0tic (Dave K) for the find.

Great Qik video of Robert interviewing the founders of Twitter, trying to explain the reasons behind the recent/frequent/constant Twitter downtime. Given Twitter’s subsequent claiming that the users are to blame and Robert’s recent public concerns over Twitter this is a VERY interesting watch.

Here’s my thoughts though. If Twitter claim that there is too much burden on its system due to the number of API calls being made by the different applications (such as Friendfeed which is seeing huge growth thanks to the Twitter problems!) then why not restrict/charge/control the API?

The application developers are clearly making money (albeit adsense in most cases) off you so Twitter, why not charge these people for the use? You have already said you don’t think there is a good reason to charge heavy users, so why not charge the people/companies that draw FROM the service than the people who contribute TO the service – or at the very least, more strictly control the API (like Facebook do) to ensure that any growth is managed proactively rather than in response to an outage?

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  1. Dave Kinsella says: May 31, 20085:42 pm

    From the interview, it seems that they may be dealing with heavy use apps (such as FriendFeed) by pushing the content rather than having them constantly poll the API. This is a good solution but takes a degree of management from both ends.
    The stuff they talked about concerning an application directory is probably an attempt to positively spin the fact that they will be tightening the management of 3rd party apps – but I’ll bet all of their programming resources are pretty tied up with scaling up the architecture reliably at the moment.

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