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Friendfeed – Get a room!

So FriendFeed is taking over the planet – tell me something I didn’t know! it is fast becoming THE aggregator of choice for many people, enabling conversations to take place outside of many “closed” networks. It even seems to work when Twitter doesn’t – which technically could mean that even with 50% uptime, it would still beat twitter 😉

NOW, it is looking to create its own content by launching Rooms, a way to create original content INSIDE Friendfeed, making it a destination site in its own right (rather than an aggregator).


With frustration growing with Twitter and comments creeping in that Jaiku is a) better and b) more consistently up, could this new feature spell the end for Twitter?

Part of me really hopes so, because i see NO other online app/network treating its loyal customer so consistently badly as Twitter.

  1. Dave Kinsella says: May 30, 20088:54 pm

    FriendFeed does exactly what I want in that it aggregates my own and my “friends” activities in one place. Unfortunately the fact that you can post updates on FF like Jaiku or Twitter, it’s hidden behind the “Share Something” button so it still feels like just a feed aggregator. If they put a clear input on the pages (like Twitter’s “What are you doing?”) then I think I’d use it more. I’d like to be able to personalise it too.
    The FriendFeed API is still fairly young so I suppose we’ll have to see what all of the app developers decide to do with it – it seems that at least half of the tweets from people I follow come via a third party application.

  2. paul.fabretti says: May 31, 20082:57 am

    Totally agree Dave. That’s my main bugbear too. An ability to post information at the same time (i.e. on the same page) would be a big deal.

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