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Audio still has it

Ferrari website
Steve dug this one out the other day and I was so impressed with the execution of the site, I just had to say something about it – especially as video seems to be the flavour “du jour”.

The Ferrari GT is the next new kid on the block and rather than do the usual visual preview, Ferrari have launched an audio-only website with a countdown timer on it, and the only thing that gives you any kind of teaser is a series of 4 incredibly emotive audio clips.

Congruity is what I am talking abut here and audio clips can achieve this much more than any visual stimulai because they set the imagination racing without visual restrictions and few people can argue how powerful that can be.

Congruity is the ability for people to mentally bridge gaps between words/sounds and images in order to understand a concept. Take, for example a Powerpoint presentation. A good presentation has a limited number of images that don’t on their own, make sense. The congruity comes when people listen to your words and see the images, put the two together and GET the concept you are talking about.

I’m not going to spoil the excitement so go here, click on the audio clips and close your eyes….listen to rumble of the starter motor as you start her up, the screaming V8 as she flies past you…

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