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PMOG – a work of genius

I picked up on this a few weeks ago, signed up for the beta trial, then heard Tom talk about it. I now see that it is LIVE.

I’m not going to attempt to describe how good this game is, so watch the video and try it for yourself:

  1. Tom Nixon says: May 12, 200812:55 pm

    Hi Paul, I haven’t actually been able to figure out how to play it yet! I’ll check out the video and see if I can get into it. It’s probably just me, it took me an embarassingly long time to get through Orientation Island into Second Life.

  2. paul.fabretti says: May 13, 20084:24 pm

    Heh, heh! I gave up on Second Life a long time ago…a combination of slow G4 powerbook and a crap/slow/inconsistent internet line!

  3. Helen-LG says: May 20, 20089:47 am

    I think its a brilliant concept although I’m slightly surprised there hasn’t been any outrage about tracking peoples movements online.. Maybe I’m just getting cynical..?

  4. Dave Kinsella says: May 27, 20087:46 pm

    Tried out PMOG for a while and to be honest it left me totally nonplussed, just another firefox extension which I’ll remove next time I have a clearout.

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