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To all my new Twitter friends

Hi and welcome!

I figured that with over 340 friends on Twitter, that one line of profile alone tell you who I am, what I like and what I do – this blog does that. Also have a look at the About page (up there on the left!) to see a bit more about me.

So, feel free to sign-up to the feed from my blog and add me to your blogroll. I am always looking for new conversations so I will add you back (promise!)

If anybody fancies a natter about anything (although I do pariocualry enjoy discussing social networks, web apps and blogs and blogging in all forms), drop me a line at paul (dot) fabretti at gmail (dot) com.

Post to look out for in the next 4 weeks:

  1. Facebook as a Social Utility – why Facebook WILL stay around for a lot longer than we think.
  2. Facebook Applications – a response to the NMA article on how Facebook Applications are seen as unsupported gimmicks.
  3. Twitter – exploring how business can embrace this mobile community
  4. Blogging for Business – a 10-part series on how to set your business up for blogging
  5. The circle of Remarkability and Social Objects
  6. How to find your marketplace
  7. How to successfuly engage with you marketplace

I of course, would welcome any comments on any of the above to build into the article (all references will be attributed!) so do get in touch!


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