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Facebook Chat goes live – screenshots

So Facebook chat launches nationwide today! Yay! There was only one other person I thought would be on this straight away…and she was!

and here…

For some time, Facebook has been hampered by what I call serial conversations (in fact, I think I may have got into an argument about it here!)…one message gets posted, another replies…another message gets posted…you leave…then pop back the next day where another message gets posted…you get the picture. Splintered and useless fragments of chat.

In Groups and Pages, this problem is amplified. Pages and Groups are designed to create community and a place where "yung fings" can hang out and chat about a topic, but this conversation is stifled because there is no real-time interaction.

Fortunately, Facebook Chat allows us to talk in real time to other people…all we need now is to integrate these into groups and we are one step closer to never needing another social network again.

Whilst FB Chat is not yet integrated into Groups or Pages, the fact that a conversation sits on top of the browser so to speak (i.e. you can navigate around Facebook without interruption to the conversation), it means that you can still be a participant in a conversation with people WITHIN the group or page.

As such, brands who have pages and groups with active admins in them, can actually engage in realtime with visitors.

Now, imagine if you had a music band and a Facebook Page…and your lead singer was doing a live chat….from the very same Facebook Page they just launched their new single from…

Smilies are currently keyboard-shortcuts only but look good all the same…

…whilst the pop-out means you can still chat with Facebook friends, whilst not being in Facebook.

All-in-all…one more reason why we will never soon be able to leave Facebook…EVER!

Thanks Mel for being my Guinea Pig!

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  2. Mel Kirk says: April 23, 20085:01 pm

    No problem Paul – was fun chatting – I might have said something more interesting if I’d known it would end up here, lol :)

  3. Mel Kirk says: April 23, 20085:04 pm

    No problem Paul, was great chatting. If I’d known it was going to end up here, I would have made it far more interesting 😉

    I actually ended up finding it a little overwhelming and intrusive when lots of people I didn’t know started trying to contact me – but I can see the huge asset it would be to my friends that don’t use an IM client.

  4. paul.fabretti says: April 23, 20085:19 pm

    Hey Mel – sorry, I should have mentioned I was going to be blogging about it beforehand, rather than simply use you as a Guinea Pig!

    Still, at least you had fun with Seesmic!! Silent Movies…now where have I heard of that before…


    I know exactly what you mean about the intrusiveness of it all. I immediately went offline after our natter as I realised just how many of my friends were logging in and starting to badger me.

    Unlike a lot of IM’s, it strikes me as being either on or off – you either want to be contacted or not. other systems show an indication of willingnes to be interrupted…this doesn’t.

    That said, as you rightly mentioned in your blog post, a lot of your friends (and mine too!) are not familiar with the etiquette of IM, if they even know what it is, so the sooner people start pestering them, the sooner they will get sick of it themselves and use it more sparingly.

    No doubt 5pm weekdays and Fridays will see big peaks in activity!!

  5. Mel Kirk says: April 24, 20081:27 am

    No worries, I was only joking with you…

    Totally agree with you on all of your points, will be interesting to see how it pans out :)

  6. billy rogers says: May 21, 20087:05 am
  7. clement says: October 9, 20088:50 am

    Pls does any one know how i can get the facebook chat smileys?

  8. wildgringo says: November 26, 200811:38 pm

    i usualy chat with 2-3 artists every day on worldsings so its nothing new

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