— blending the mix

Simply the most stunning use of slo-mo filming

Schweppes Burst from ipub on Vimeo.


Schweppervesence eh? Is there a better example of visualising a feeling than the above?

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[UPDATE] If the vid is taking a while to load (as it is at the moment!) just click on the Schweppes Burst link above to go directly to Vimeo

  1. Schweppervescence says: March 27, 20088:12 am

    […] seems to be doing the rounds today on Uk blogs, I saw it first on Paul’s. It’s a glorious slow motion video from Schweppes – the moment when the water just stays in […]

  2. Helen-LG says: April 22, 20089:21 am

    I love slow-mo effects when they’re well done. I really liked some of the ones we did with the viewty last year: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=O3colwoyT_U

    but I think this campaign is even more perfect because it does somehow remind you of that sense of tasting and feeling a refreshing drink. Hats off I say!

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