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Is Friendfeed bringing us more up to date yet further apart?

I am loving FriendFeed at the moment. With the amount of social capital I have dished around the net, I love being able to see in just ONE place what all the people I "know" are doing.


I also love the way it recommends stranger’s feeds based on their popularity to people I "know" too.


At the same time though, this is stopping me from throwing myself headlong into Friendfeed.

It is hard enough keeping track of what the people I DO know are up to on their various social networks, so to now be in a position to follow the activities of people THEY know is just tipping the scales.

I like…no LOVE the idea of somewhere to keep track of everything my friends are doing, but to introduce me to friends of friends as well kind of defeats the point.

Does anyone else agree?

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  1. Corvida says: March 27, 20084:00 pm

    Not necessarily. The option is there just incase you have the time and WANT to connect with other people sharing similar interests. You’re not obligated to use it though.

  2. Nils Geylen says: March 28, 200810:40 am

    It can get a bit much yes, but as Corvida says, you don’t need to track everything. I would like for Friendfeed to become a bit more granular. For now, I have it open quite a lot and I check in now and again to see what’s happening “above the fold”, so to speak. But I’m not yet actively using it though, as I do Twitter.

  3. paul.fabretti says: March 29, 20084:29 am

    @Corvida – I know exactly what you mean, it is only an option but it is one of those really cool tools that I just can’t leave alone!!

    It is much like Facebook’s “Friend’s in Common” feature but there seems to be no end in sight!

  4. paul.fabretti says: March 29, 20084:39 am

    @Nils I actually like the way that it summarises activity to a particular individual (say, if one of my friends has posted a lot of tweets in quick succession), but I think that the more services you add to friendfeed, the harder it would be to take it down to the granular level.

    That said, if you COULD separate out conversations on the same networks (i.e. all the people who used twitter could converse on a twitter tab for example), then that would add significant value.

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