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Why you DO need a CV (resume) and a blog!

This cropped up on my radar again and takes me back a few months to when I was looking for a job. (for Hugh’s involvement and subsequent enquiries I received, I shall always be incredibly grateful).

I now work for digital agency, KMP and we like to think we know what we are doing and are pretty damn good at doing that!

We do this by keeping track of the latest events/trends/whims and identifying opportunities for clients within this – which is exactly what I do, but just can’t put on my CV.

As a fairly active blogger, early-ish Facebook user, very early (but originally cynical) Twitter adopter and general web app addict, my blog became a way to demonstrate knowledge that didn’t fit the conventional rules.

It also showed that despite a career plotting a course of direct mail print and mail order marketing, I did actually have a significant understanding of this web 2.0 "thang".

Now, this isn’t an ad for KMP, but gives you some indication of why I was selected from the 60-odd people who ended up applying for my position – and it totally ties in with Seth’s original post and the cartoon on Steve’s blog.

I joined the Facebook group set-up by KMP, met and chatted with the CEO and MD and used social media to break down the traditional barriers between candidate and employer. They in turn were able to see much more of me than I could have ever shown them in my CV and more about me than if we had done it the conventional way.

All the fluff aside, they also saved themselves several grand in agency fees!

So, my advice from someone who HAS been there and done it, if you have a blog put it on your CV – allow a potential employer to see the person behind the boring, conventional text on your cv.

Scared to do that? So was I, but any employer who isn’t interested in a free-thinking, free-writing human being isn’t worth their salt anyway – and if they think they can get without at the very least, thinking about blogs or blogging then they have no future anyway.

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