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Incentivised search adoption from MSN

Steve picks out a great piece of work from Microsoft Live Search (MS are on a roll at the moment what with 5Gb SkyDrive and Surface!) which I feel compelled to share. Not because it is Steve or Microsoft, but because I think it looks at promoting search (and browser plugins which is something close to our heart at the moment!) in an entirely new way – and how timely.

(the introduction to the game)


Big Snap Search encourages you to install the Windows Live Search as your default browser search engine:


(adding Live Search to the browser toolbar enhances your chance of winning)

Quite simply, you stand a better chance of winning (i.e. matching a pair of cards) if you install Windows Live Search in your browser.

As we saw a couple of weeks ago, Firefox 3 will be focused on search – so if you aren’t part of a browser already, you stand little chance of being used. We already have dozens of search plugins for FF, Flock can detect a search engine on any page and asks you to add it, so how can MS claw back some of the lost ground if it can’t match Google on quality of search results? Be on more machines.

I can’t help thinking that I am being manipulated here, but have to give Microsoft 10 out of 10 for innovation. From all accounts, their ad team are developing some truly exciting ideas.

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