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PR 2.0 – Olde Worlde meets Newe Worlde

Our great leader brought it to my attention today that we are sponsoring the Best PR Agency award at the up-coming How-Do awards on the 24th April.

Now, as much as it pains me to think I might once again be attending an event at Old Trafford 😉 I am genuinely excited about the event and where this positions us.

Typically, the worlds of PR and Web 2.0 have clashed, the main argument being that word of mouth through consumer blogs and social networks is fast becoming the only trusted message other consumers will believe.

As an advocate of blogs and blogging (yours truly is presenting a seminar on Blogging for Business in April) I couldn’t agree more. The control of your message has been taken away by the power to publish in blogs and social networks.

Conversations about you and your business are taking place everywhere online and if you haven’t got a plan on how to join in this conversation then you are losing control of your brand.

So what to do?

  1. A corporate blog is one step – provide a place for the conversations to take place on your doorstep.
  2. Stakeholder analysis is another – find out who the key stakeholders are and approach them.
  3. Joining a social network might be another – be part of the community you serve.

But with conversations moving away from the source of the message, where does the traditional press release fit into all this? If social networks and blogs are where it’s at (and where it’s at now includes video and audio), how do we get the message out to these people:

  1. In a location they are likely to be receptive.
  2. In a way in which the want to consume the media.

Answer: Social Media Press Release.


Answer: The Press Release as we have come to know and despise/love, optimised with tools to allow the content to distributed to social networks/blogs and which grows with the frequency of references to it.

We have been thinking about this concept for some time and have spent a long time evaluating the most appropriate methods of distribution and content types to include in the release.

Watch this space closely as we move closer to launching this exciting innovation to the PR world!

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