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The single most useful thing for Twitter

After reading about Ryan’s departure from Yahoo on Twitter (Ryan, been there twice in 2 years, so I know how it feels), I began to consider commercial use of Twitter.

We already have BreakingNewsOn which does as good a job as any on reporting news the INSTANT it happens and the Guardian does a decent job of publicising its recent news but Commuterfeed is as good an example of how best to use Twitter.

Commuter feed

For me, it works because:

1) News is posted in real-time
2) News is localised (and relevant)
3) News can be consumed (or not) on the go
4) It uses nothing more than Twitter’s @ prefix and combines common identifiers for locations.

The potential to use Twitter to generate real-time conversations around shared-interests (that clever people then create search tools for) was something that Jeff Jarvis touched on a few weeks ago and Commuterfeed is the best example I have seen of this yet.

There should be no reason now why the example that commuterfeed have set, we couldn’t apply this to movies, sporting events or more…

…anybody else got thoughts on how else we can apply this type of system to real-time events?

(note that in getting the links for this post, I see that Guardian also have a live twitter football account too)

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  1. Julia Roy says: February 21, 20081:56 pm

    This is great! Thanks for sharing. :)

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