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What is the most popular blogging platform?

Courtesy of Neville via Twitter (and here), I am intrigued to see an analysis of the blogging platforms used by the Top 100 Technorati blogs. There is clearly only one winner – WordPress. Of the Top 100 blogs:

* WordPress is used by 34%

* Movable Type is used by 16%

Phew…looks like I backed the right horse :-)

The image below gives you some idea of the diversity of platforms available to bloggers although what this doesn’t say is how many people are self-hosting their WordPress blogs and how many are using wordpress.com blogs.

Free blogs are one thing, self-hosting is quite another. One is as free as the air we breathe, the other is a touch more complicated to adopt.

Blogger is free so why doesn’t IT have the same penetration as WP in the list? My guess is that given the Top 100 platforms being high-volume, professional publications, they are likely to be self-hosted.

What would be more interesting is the split of WP, Blogger and MT over say the next 1000 – 2000 range. I think this would give a much more realistic view of the actual platform penetration amongst "normal" bloggers.

  1. Simon Wharton says: January 26, 20084:21 pm

    We stick to WordPress for many reasons. It’s a breeze to install. It has lots of plugins that do what we want, mainly SEO oriented. If you stick it on your domain you get the benefit of the Google juice whereas blogger only generates love for Blogspot. Mainly, idiots can use it, which is how I am able to blog!

  2. paul.fabretti says: January 28, 20085:38 pm

    Agreed Simon (about the flexibility of WordPress rather than the idiot bit!!)

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