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The US writers’ strike – 2 perspectives

Perspective 1 – The Writers

Visit youtube these days and you are highly likely to come across a rogue’s gallery of really popular videos.

They are people you wouldn’t look twice at in the street – your Average Joe’s – but these Average Joe’s just happen to have written some of the funniest things on TV and Cinema and are taking these talents online on their own.

Heard of Jason Ross or Matt Selman or even Bob Kushell?

They work on The Daily Show, The Simpsons and The Simpsons/Malcolm in the Middle respectively. These are funny people. (don’t take my word for it, watch the vids!)

Their ability to make really funny content with none of the fluff of fake-tan-laden chat-shows demonstrates that with the web, it doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like or how old you are – if you’re funny, you’re funny.

I absolutely admire the writer’s stance (more on that to follow), because it is allowing the people with the REAL talent to show who is the monkey and who is the organ grinder and it’s not the slimy, white-toothed host or big-busted talent-less actress either.

Does anybody know who the Evolution of Dance guy is? No? Me neither, but his original no-frills stage show has netted him 72,109,974 views.

The long and short of this first part of the post is this: the web now provides the tools to make anyone a star. The writer’s stance demonstrates this. it can also make a company look ridiculous if it doesn’t have an awareness of the power of this medium.

Perspective 2 – The Film Industry

I can see one, disastrous thing happening as a result of this strike and the winner won’t be the writers, it will be the studios. Bottom of the pile will be us – the consumer.

Here’s how I see it panning-out: The Movie and TV studios decide to settle. The writer’s get paid what they want, the studios pay what they want to pay. The only thing is that in order to settle the dispute quickly, NOBODY has realised how they are going to pay for it.

The studios aren’t going to absorb the costs, the writers aren’t going to give anything away. Advertiser’s aren’t going to pay more for the same ad space, so where is it going to land? In our laps.

And I reckon the could well use HD/Blu-Ray to do it. An emerging technology with a relatively unknown price-point is an ideal place to hide the increase.

OK, so this kind of argument is along the lines of the Team America F.A.G. (big corporations and all that!) so someone tell me WHERE is the money coming from?

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