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Microsoft’s most exciting innovation in years

I got wind of this yesterday evening whilst in a sub-notebook Mac and UMPC frenzy and was utterly surprised at just how innovative it was:

When Bill said this week that touch was the future for Microsoft (but didn’t Ballmer say online advertising was the future?!) he probably underestimated just how far things have come since Samsung first launched the Q1.

To quote the origami blog:

Origami Picture Password allows you to login by tapping on a sequence of points on a picture; this not only makes it easier to login on a UMPC but also personalizes the login experience. You can choose your own picture and select points that mean something to you. It’s fun and secure.

Cute AND secure – very Apple!

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  4. Helen-LG says: January 18, 200812:08 pm

    As you say this is very innovative! The picture password software sounds ideal for anyone who has trouble with traditional passwords and PINs. I can’t help wondering if there could be complications with using your own images for this purpose though – resolution settings or image alteration might present problems.

    I’d definitely like to know more though, I think it has real potential, not just for UMPCs!

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