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Is eBay missing a trick?

In the near future, I will be in the market for a new Macbook (Pro if possible). Like any self-respecting gadget geek I spend a decent amount of my free time on eBay looking at Macbooks and Macbook pro’s to buy.

At the moment though, I tend to spend more time browsing the images and specs of the products than looking at them product with a view to making a bid.

So where is the potential missed trick? Product research.

At the moment, for me at least, eBay is about researching a product not buying one and with so much product content (seller reviews, tech specs, images and opinion) on eBay, they should really look to try and scrape this data so that each product group has a resource of information on which sellers can draw.

Some of you may argue that it is up to the seller to write the product description and upload images, but what I am suggesting is not about a product resource for the seller – it is about the buyer.

I know the Macbook pretty well. I have a G4 Powerbook, but I do not really know what options and configurations the Macbook Pro comes in or whether a Black Macbook may in fact be a cheaper but equally powerful Macbook Pro. Is the Macbook thinner than the Pro version, does it have back-lit keys, what seems to be the minimum RAM I should get, how big are the hard-drives, what are the new chip upgrades all about etc. etc.

But above all, is it purrdddyyy?? Let me see all images relating to Macbook and Macbook Pro. Let me gauge what I might get for my money. Let me see what condition machine I could realistically expect to get for my money.

By aggregating all this content, I:

a) get to know more about the product

b) provide seller’s with an additional incentive to provide decent images and descriptions

c) spend more time on eBay

eBay: let me see your wares, let me use your description and product images to research my product and do you know what – the chances are I will trust the buyers more and ended up buying from you more.

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