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Seesmic Invites – Day 1 of 4. Invite 1 of 4.

So, Day 1 of the competition and I was pleased to see two great ideas come in over the blog and several more via email.

The winner? The CalsonatorAnna Carlson of Nixon McInnes.

Anna does exactly what I do and I like Nixon McInnes, they are my kind of people so I am glad to see it go to a good home!

An email is on its way in a second with the code!

The suggestion as to what readers think the most exciting development of 2008 will be? Google Android – remember THAT? Remember the crap promotional video more like!

Google Android is the Linux of mobile phone OS’s (looks better than Symbian too!!) and with $10 million of Google’s money set to promote the developer platform, looks set to be THE big mobile news for 2008 (despite Google’s attempts at creating a sexy promotional video!!).

Tomorrow – another invite to the most exciting development of 2008!

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