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Seesmic – 4 invitations, 4 days

Thanks to Loic Le Meur, I have 4 invitations to Seesmic to give away.

I will give one invite away each day, for the next 4 days, starting tomorrow to the person leaving the best suggestion as to what the most exciting technological development of 2008 will be.

(Seesmic is in pre-Alpha or pre-Beta Alpha or something like that so invites are like rocking-horse doo-doo).

What’s Seesmic? The best way I can explain it is Twitter with Video.

What’s Twitter? Jesus, where have you been this year?!!

Quite simply it is all about short, sharp messages.

Like the Facebook status (if you have to ask what that is, the please leave now!), it lets friends know what you are doing, what you are thinking, or quite simply chip in to other people’s conversations with something useful (or useless).

Seesmic is new in that it allows short, sharp conversations to take place using video and is backed (financially) by Michael Arrington amongst others and totally supported by heavy-duty bloggers such as Hugh MacLeod, Dennis Howlett and the man himself, Robert Scoble. It is as close to having a conversation online as current short-messaging systems allow.

  1. Anna Carlson says: January 2, 20086:58 pm

    The Google Android platform?

    An open source mobile platform which will allow people to develop ‘G Phones’ and applications for them.

    Will be interesting to see which companies will develop phones for it (and how quickly they do) and the kind of apps that will be the norm for people to carry around on thier mobiles.

    And Google have set aside $10m to give away to the people that develop the best apps for it.

  2. Brandon says: January 2, 20088:20 pm

    I think the most exciting development will be in the opening of cell phone platforms. Google’s Android and the iPhone SDK will push phone developers to move to open mobile platforms and mobile computers (what used to be cell phones) will become the most common and most useful computers.

  3. […] Paul is giving away Seeismic videoblogging invites. And if you still believe you have the chops for videoblogging, enter his competition and suggest a killer technological advance for 2008. […]

  4. Adam Sutcliffe says: January 4, 20087:00 pm

    Adobe AIR and M/Soft silverlight are going to explode this year and are going to hugely change how the web will look. Obviously more and more mobile apps are going to appear with iPhone going from strength to strength

  5. Anton Mannering says: January 5, 20087:55 pm

    Seeing as your asking..
    I think the biggest development in Social Networks will be that people will stop talking about the “portability of their social graph” (which is patently ridiculous I’ll be posting about that tomorrow). They’ll realise that the real breaking down of walled gardens will be about connecting to your social graph from the application you want to use which makes the whole idea of portability redundant…

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