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2008 – already a better year than 2007

Almost a year to the day, I was sat at home contemplating having to sell our family home because of actions by my former employer (who were soooo breaking the law and they know it).

To cut a very long story short, I lost my job in May 2007, 2 weeks before moving house – we were on our knees.

In July 2007 though, thanks to Facebook, I found my current employer and things have looked up ever since.

Within 4 weeks I was working on developing blogs and blogging strategies and social media ideas for some of the UK’s biggest brands. We held 2 extremely successful (and popular I might add!) Social Network Marketing Seminars and I am living the dream…blogging, blogging and more blogging.

In addition to that, the BIMA’s Great Facebook Debate provided me with the opportunity to meet some really great people, as well as expand my awareness of so many other things.

To top off a great year, I now find myself included in a list of Ones to Watch in 2008. To be included in the list of Damien Mulley’s list of some great Irish folk who are blazing a trail in this crayzee new world is a) surprising (but my grandmother was Irish!) b) an honour – you should see who else is in there.

I go about my occasional blogging as I guess many others do, but for someone of Damien’s stature (Paul Walsh says it best here) to recognise my occasional rants as worthy of note is truly humbling.

In itself, this is motivation to ensure that not only do I start 2008 where I left 2007, but accelerate my efforts to publish content that is genuinely of interest and adds value to people’s lives – more often :-)

To that end, I hope to be more active than ever with Twitter, this blog, Facebook, Seesmic and whatever else comes my way in 2008.

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