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Facebook F8 versus Opensocial

An attendee at one of our seminars asked the question – "what’s next?" Somebody else asked "what does the Google OpenSocial mean for Facebook?"

Its very easy to assume that because of Google’s size, it would decimate Facebook, but I am not so sure.

Facebook opened its developer platform as part of a growth strategy. It had first mover advantage – no social network had opened itself up in this way. Google on the other hand has merely provided other social networks (or the developers for those networks) with the tools to provide additional communication features between already existing and established networks.

Would you now start using LinkedIn more because you were able to, say, integrate a Google Reader app into the system? Likely not. You already use LinkedIn as it is. Facebook has built itself on applications.

The upshot? Facebook and OpenSocial will live happily together for at least…ooh 6 months, until something else comes along!

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