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Blog roll changes – making it personal

Paul Walsh posted last week that he is going to add all BIMA members with blogs to the BIMA blogroll. I/we aren’t members of the BIMA (this needs addressing ASAP by the way Paul!) but it got me thinking abotu the whole blogroll thing.

2 years ago when I started blogging, Scoble, Rubel, Arrington and O’Reilly were "the web". We were all sniffing for links (and I guess some recognition too!), so the adding of a blogging A-lister to your blogroll at least gave you a chance (however small!) of getting a link back. Yeah right.

So, with Paul having sparked the process off, I am going to re-write my blogroll and I am looking for recommendations and suggestions as to who I should put in.

My recent BIMA debate on Facebook introduced me to some great people like Damien, Robin and subsequently, Alexia, Elly, James, Tom, Steve and a multitude of others I simply do not have the time to list.

So who would you recommend and why?

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