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The Amazon Kindle Commodore 128


Thanks to Grigs for the image

WOW – what a shocking product.

It’s white, it has a screen, it even has keys, but an Apple it is NOT.

Did Amazon forget to think about how the Kindle would look? Commodore 128 is NOT too far from the point.

So not only are they charging for content we can get for free on an N95 or iPhone (in widescreen!), they have designed a product which people would be quite ashamed to display – so why the hell has it sold out?

  1. Ryan says: December 6, 200711:41 am

    I think readers would benefit hugely from an advanced touch screen interface.

  2. paul.fabretti says: December 6, 200712:03 pm

    Couldn’t agree more Ryan. A missed opportunity there.

    Even though it sold out, I believe it went to the early adopters – they are less fussy about the design.

    To send it mainstream, they need to make it attractive – look how apple converted people to the first generation of macbooks by adding colour.

    Make it attractive and people want it for more than the functinality ot brings…like a certain LG Viewty for example!

  3. Tom Jones says: February 28, 200811:29 am

    Your a moron.

    Who the fuck wants to read more than a couple pages on an iphone. Why dont you learn what a product is actually designed to do before making idiot comments like this.

    Why doesnt it browse the web? wahhhhhhhhhh why doesnt it drive my car? wahhhhhhhhhhhh why doesnt it have 2000gb on onboard flash wahhhhhhhhhhhh why doesnt it cost 5 dollars? wahhhhhhhhhhhh

    The thing is sold out because, despite being ugly, the function is incredible.

    LONG BATTERY LIFE, a display designed for reading (N95, iphone, wow that was really stupid), instant access to over 100,000 books, conversion of your existing files. Seriously this is designed for reading not for the year 2040. Comparing this to a cell phone highlights your idiocy.

  4. paul.fabretti says: February 28, 200811:56 am

    Thanks Tom – a realy useful contribution.

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