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Silverjet – how to value customers

Courtesy of Paul Walsh and the BIMA, I won tickets to New York at the recent Facebook Debate.

Since then, I have been utterly giddy as a kipper to go and have now received my flight confirmation – but that is by-the-by.

Today I received an email offering FREE silver-plated tickets (by Links of London) of my flight details, boxed and wrapped in time for Christmas.

Now, give me anything free and I am on-board, but this offer really struck my as getting to the heart of the customer. It isn’t a superficial attempt at driving traffic or a cheap gimmick – it taps into the motivation for many people’s reasons for travelling with silverjet – a dream trip).

As such, offering your ticket as a valuable keepsake is a really nice touch.

  1. Sandrine says: November 22, 200710:22 am

    Lucky You ! (I knew I should have gone to the FB debate 😉

    Enjoy !!!

  2. Paul Walsh says: November 22, 200710:38 am

    You forgot to mention that *I* won but decided to put it back into the draw 😉

  3. paul.fabretti says: November 22, 200711:33 am

    @Sandrine – it was a great event and I met some great people…although many new friends quickly became enemies when they realised later, they were talking to the guy who won the Silverjet tickets!

    @Paul – the tickets were just the icing on the cake mate! They topped off a great night, although that bloody dodgy club Me, Damien and Paul ended up at took some beating!

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