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Bin those unfriendly Facebook friends

We all have Facebook friends we like and Facebook friends we befriend because we were young and naïve and thought it was cool to connect with these people. But what happens when these people keep posting rubbish and, actually, we realise there was a reason we lost touch with them years ago…

Facebook has always had an algorithm which shows more of the friends you link with more often, but this feature below is new and VERY welcome:

Now, we can help Facebook learn which friends we want to hear from without offending those people we don’t.

It is not clear if you are indicating your preference as to whether you want to hear all news from a friend or just specific bits of news from the friend (i.e. app. Add ads, group ads, actions etc.) but it will certainly help me ensure drunken-buffoons I am too scared to de-friend :-) do not appear in my news feed!


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