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HMRC Data Loss – Gordon Brown-pants please wield the axe

As we all know, the threat of online fraud is constant and I, like many millions of others, do my utmost to make sure my details are kept safe. Which is why I am so disc-usted (I was a former copywriter!!) at the behaviour of the British Government in losing my personal details (and yes, I am so disgusted I am making light of it in a title!).

What is done is done and I am angry at the government for letting it happen, but it is way too easy to score points against Mr Brown-pants and Desparate Darling in pointing the finger squarely at them.

There must be someone in IT up in HMRC’s Newcastle office absolutely "papping their pants" for allowing a junion staff member to:

a) Be granted or provided access to the data in the first place

b) Make a copy of this data withouth approval or supervision

c) Put the data to disc with only password protection

d) Send the disc via internal (alebit TNT courier) post

Even when I started out as a fresh-faced youngster in my direct mail days (and we used 12" data tapes), I was NEVER allowed into the storage room unaccompanied, NEVER allowed to take a tape I needed without signing it out and NEVER, EVER allowed to access the data.

So why, in this day and age are people allowed to get away with this kind of stupidity? I hope they get the biggest bollocking of their lives.

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