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The Six New Faces of Facebook: 1 Facebook Pages

On November 6th, Facebook dropped more great news for advertisers keen to find ways to monetise the fastest growing social network in the world.

They are:

– Facebook Social Ads

– Facebook Beacon

– Facebook Platform

– Facebook Pages

– Facebook Insights

– Facebook Polls

I will be covering some of these in more detail shortly, but one of the most significant tools to come out of the announcement are Facebook Pages (like ours), not because they are per se, revolutionary (after all, Facebook already has Groups and Sponsored Groups) but because they now allow users to find previously "closed" Facebook content from outside and allow internal Facebook users outside of the group to your website.

Facebook Pages: Why you need to have one:

1. Pages are public. Most of Facebook can only be accessed by a login, preventing search engines from indexing them. However, pages have a public non-Facebook member "version" allowing the search engines to index the page.

The public are now able to find previously unseen content (maybe from a standard Facebook Group), visit the Facebook page, and sign-up to the Page and then visit your site via the links contained within.

2. Pages include links. Because the pages are public, you can get some nice Facebook.com link credit. You can’t use an anchor text, but hey, it’s free.

3. Send “updates to fans”. Fans are effectively members of your Page. Sending “updates” to fans is an effective way of building a database of interested users allowing you to send messages about new products, website or blog updates.

4. You control the Page as you do your own profile. Using the awesome power of Facebook applications, you can make your Page as sticky as any website. Show rich media content, play music, show images – but more importantly, give members enough content (and the links to do it) to allow them to go and buy something!

5. Activity within the Page is published on member’s profiles. Joining and interacting with your Page adds a note to that users News Feed. The beauty of this is that friends of your Fan get to see they are doing something within your Page. Consider it a viral membership news stream.

The more we use Pages, the more we are likely to discover a whole host of other benefits, but next will be Social Ads. Imagine being able to target ads based on a Facebook User’s personal interests…

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  1. Gez says: November 14, 20076:23 pm

    I just spent a very frustrating evening trying to set up a facebook page. The application are a nightmare. They can’t cope with being part of a page and my profile and the interface isn’t flexiple enought to cope with all the options. You cant even search just the applications for pages. You can upload a different image to use for the thumbnail and … I could go on. I know it’s early days but really, this is facebook – sort it out zuckerberg!

  2. Gez says: November 14, 20076:24 pm

    I was so angry I submitted a typo-laden post.

  3. paul.fabretti says: November 15, 20074:14 am

    Shame on you!

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