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Thanks again to my new best friend Paul Walsh (!), I have been lucky enough to get tickets to the Widgety Goodness event in Brighton on the 6th December.

I love the whole community-feeling surrounding the publicity of the event (the Facebook Group, the blog as well as the after-event community) and hope that this is going to be indicative of the type of discussions taking place at the event itself.

There are lots of great things coming out of the British Isles at the moment and I look forward to seeing more of what others are doing to further this reputation. With people like Will, Fergus and Mike there (amongst many, many others) I am sure it will be a great event.

And if anyone needs to know, my t-shirt is an L!!

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I thought I’d post this classic to bring a smile to your faces…


(and it means I get to use Windows Live Writer!)

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Steve pointed me over to this tonight and I am amazed.

I feel like I have become a bit of a Microsoft evangelist of late, but my recent discoveries of their products have blown me away.

Check the screen shot out and look at the online demo.

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An attendee at one of our seminars asked the question – "what’s next?" Somebody else asked "what does the Google OpenSocial mean for Facebook?"

Its very easy to assume that because of Google’s size, it would decimate Facebook, but I am not so sure.

Facebook opened its developer platform as part of a growth strategy. It had first mover advantage – no social network had opened itself up in this way. Google on the other hand has merely provided other social networks (or the developers for those networks) with the tools to provide additional communication features between already existing and established networks.

Would you now start using LinkedIn more because you were able to, say, integrate a Google Reader app into the system? Likely not. You already use LinkedIn as it is. Facebook has built itself on applications.

The upshot? Facebook and OpenSocial will live happily together for at least…ooh 6 months, until something else comes along!

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Paul Walsh posted last week that he is going to add all BIMA members with blogs to the BIMA blogroll. I/we aren’t members of the BIMA (this needs addressing ASAP by the way Paul!) but it got me thinking abotu the whole blogroll thing.

2 years ago when I started blogging, Scoble, Rubel, Arrington and O’Reilly were "the web". We were all sniffing for links (and I guess some recognition too!), so the adding of a blogging A-lister to your blogroll at least gave you a chance (however small!) of getting a link back. Yeah right.

So, with Paul having sparked the process off, I am going to re-write my blogroll and I am looking for recommendations and suggestions as to who I should put in.

My recent BIMA debate on Facebook introduced me to some great people like Damien, Robin and subsequently, Alexia, Elly, James, Tom, Steve and a multitude of others I simply do not have the time to list.

So who would you recommend and why?

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Monday evening see’s Suzy Perry and Jason Bradbury see if they can make themselves internet superstars.

Both take different approaches to creating viral vids. Suzy does the sexy thing, Jason does the crazy thing. Guess which wins?

I am only playing along with this because I admire th4e angle thney are taking with this season’s show. Yes it is full of gadgety goodness, but they are increasingly turning to innovations on the net – and I for one LOVE IT!

But, what the show demonstrates next week (or seems to) is there are two ways to make a viral video.

1) The right way: Wacky yet scrappy and user-generated

2)The wrong way: staged

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The gadget show (on Channel 5) provides an exclusive preview of the upcoming show on You Tube.

A project we have been working on recently has been how we take conventional TV viewers and engage with them on the net.

This is a great idea:

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Thanks to Grigs for the image

WOW – what a shocking product.

It’s white, it has a screen, it even has keys, but an Apple it is NOT.

Did Amazon forget to think about how the Kindle would look? Commodore 128 is NOT too far from the point.

So not only are they charging for content we can get for free on an N95 or iPhone (in widescreen!), they have designed a product which people would be quite ashamed to display – so why the hell has it sold out?

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Courtesy of Paul Walsh and the BIMA, I won tickets to New York at the recent Facebook Debate.

Since then, I have been utterly giddy as a kipper to go and have now received my flight confirmation – but that is by-the-by.

Today I received an email offering FREE silver-plated tickets (by Links of London) of my flight details, boxed and wrapped in time for Christmas.

Now, give me anything free and I am on-board, but this offer really struck my as getting to the heart of the customer. It isn’t a superficial attempt at driving traffic or a cheap gimmick – it taps into the motivation for many people’s reasons for travelling with silverjet – a dream trip).

As such, offering your ticket as a valuable keepsake is a really nice touch.

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We all have Facebook friends we like and Facebook friends we befriend because we were young and naïve and thought it was cool to connect with these people. But what happens when these people keep posting rubbish and, actually, we realise there was a reason we lost touch with them years ago…

Facebook has always had an algorithm which shows more of the friends you link with more often, but this feature below is new and VERY welcome:

Now, we can help Facebook learn which friends we want to hear from without offending those people we don’t.

It is not clear if you are indicating your preference as to whether you want to hear all news from a friend or just specific bits of news from the friend (i.e. app. Add ads, group ads, actions etc.) but it will certainly help me ensure drunken-buffoons I am too scared to de-friend :-) do not appear in my news feed!


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