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To the average Joe, blogs aren’t cutting it. Confusion is the problem.

10/10/07 UPDATE: I have republished this post because of the recent Jaiku/Google news. Not because enough hasn’t already been said, but because i feel that it is particularly relevant to the discussions.

With so many "Web 2.0" applications cropping up on a daily basis (and keeping bloggers themselves in a job reporting on all the launches!!) it seems that there is little time for these applications to ever make the mainstream.

Blogging is seen as a time-consuming and often self-indulgent practice.

Twitter and Jaiku make blogging quick, easy and mobile – and this is where the web is heading. So the Jaiku purchase carries with it much more importance than another small company being swallowed by another big company.

Vic Keegan of the guardian reports that for all its pomp and fuss, blogging just isn’t breaking into the mainstream as expected (or as much as facebook or myspace and facebook have for example).

I’d written about this a while ago arriving at the conclusion that this was because the growth of the blogoshpere was being powered by the technologists behind and associated with the tech industries themselves.

One such case in question is techmeme. Look at the sister sites section…I’ve seen more content in a blank email. Where is comedy meme, car meme, soccer meme? At least digg has got the right idea – opening up channels to non-tech topics.

The very people pushing the growth of the blogosphere are the people who have designed and contributed to its conception, with several notable "non-tech" leaders carving out a niches for themselves (Steve Rubel springs to mind).

I strongly believe that the reason the blogosphere’s growth is slowing is more to do with the perception that it is run by techies FOR techies.

As a newbie, what do you choose…feedburner, newsgator, google reader? With posts, do you sphere it, delicious it, add to technorati favourites (what’s technorati most will ask?), stumble it, digg it…how about stuff it" I can’t be bothered?

Yes, the barriers to entry are short and sweet, but isn’t it about time, it all stopped getting so damn confusing.

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