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The Facebook Debate

I am over the moon that I have been able to bag a place at The Facebook Debate on the 17th October. Big thanks to Paul Walsh of the BIMA and Segala for that.

The aim of the debate is to:

explore and challenge the various ideas currently being touted in blogs and mainstream media, as well as bring you an insight into the plethora of Facebook stories: brands who have worked within the Facebook walls effectively and those who have not.

Given the space in which I am working at the moment, this could prove to be an incredibly useful chance to meet some very interesting people and inevitably come up with some great ideas. With the following speakers already confirmed there is going to be tons of discussion to report on.

Speaking at the event will be:

  • Hugh MacLeod
  • Damien Mulley
  • Michael Nutley
  • Robert Loch
  • Chad Wollen
  • JP Rangaswami
  • (bios here)

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Facebook is taking over the world and as more and more mainstream businesses get on board (for either promotional or employee reasons) it is only going to grow in size. But, as with life, size doesn’t necessarily matter! Most social networks gauge their success purely on subscriber numbers (although Second Life might like to rethink even THESE figures!), I think Facebook requires an as-yet non-existant metric which is far more powerful. Content-exchange mass.

By opening up the API to developers, so much Facebook-only content has been created and will continue to be created, that it will be almost impossible to leave the network without leaving some of you in there.

All the inter-connecting friend and content data provide the media owner with the Holy Grail of ad-serving data. Who are the key influencers, what age, gender, location are they. Who is most likely to send what to whom, when and where. What makes applications successful amongst certain groups, who talks to whom most frequently, who updates their status frequently, what words are used in the status updates, what brand names are used, when and by whom…you get the point.

One of the many Facebook applications we are developing give some insight into what data can be gleamed but this is only the start.

Facebook is going places and Microsoft know it!

Fresh back from the debate on the 17th, KMP will be hosting our very own North West events. More to follow…

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