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Peninsula – a simple truth…

You have no idea what you are talking about.

Admit it.

You have tried to jump on the social network and PR bandwagon and failed miserably DESPITE getting on the BBC website (which I refuse to link to on this occasion because of the appalling nature of the article).

Let me quote Sig, who left a comment on Dennis’s blog today:

47% of the UK population works. Average working hours for those are 8 hours 43 minutes or about 174 hours per month.

If the Facebookers are an average population they should work (3.5 x 0.47 x 174) = 286 million hours per month in total. Of which they spend 233 million hours on Facebook during work hours it seems.

In other words if you replace PLCs with all work in the UK you would come to that all UK Facebook members spends 7 hours 30 minutes per day and during work hours on Facebook leaving 1 hour 14 minutes to real work, walking the corridors, eating and so forth.

But of course, it is truly very bad that they spend all that time online on Facebook when on the farm tractor, when conducting the tube, when driving taxis and running Peninsula. Glad I’m not British!

That all seems to make perfect sense and doesn’t seem terribly complicated either – why can’t Peninsula seem to get this right? Hope they don’t provide accounting services too…

Turns out that The Times (in the US) is also up to the same type of phantom number-generating when publishing an article about DVD piracy..

To quote Seth:

$903 million is about 9,000 jobs paying $100,000 a year each. That’s a lot of ticket takers, Blockbuster clerks and gaffers. And yet the Times reprints the numbers as true.

I will leave the best until last though. The Enquirer reckons to have got to the bottom of Peninsula’s methodology!

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  1. Lee Aase says: September 12, 20073:16 pm

    Excellent post, and great figures. These studies always pump the figures to get headlines, and climb on the latest hot trend like Facebook. The bad thing is BBC doesn’t post the study so people can evaluate for themselves. Or did they even see the study? They just take Peninsula’s word for it that they were conservative in calculations.

  2. paul.fabretti says: September 12, 20073:49 pm

    You might like to see the comments from the previous post Lee (from a Peninsula employee!)

  3. […] The nation’s attorneys general, led by New York’s Andrew Cuomo, seem to be pulling a page out of the Peninsula PR piggybacking playbook by launching official investigations, complete with subpoenas, into whether Facebook, “is misleading users by promoting itself as a place where high school students and younger children are safe from adult sexual predators.” […]

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