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Three users, don’t believe their lies

As I am in a vitriolic mood at the moment, my latest candidate is three mobile.

I have no real issue with them (i have a great free phone, fantastic contract for next to nothing, and far better signal service than I was expecting), other than when I asked if I could change my internet add-on to allow me to use Fring and Skype.

They told me it was not possible. Then service agent Number 2 told me that my phone was not compatible. Eh? I have a Nokia N80 running S60.

I had to makethem change my tariff to X-series Silver.

Last night I enjoyed several minutes’ of FREE fring conversations over Gtalk and updated twitter over fring – all using my three phone but not using my three mobile voice contract. ( I have a 1Gb data add-on).

Mobile operators, be aware your business will go the way of the music industry if you are not careful. As soon as the use of things like Fring become more widespread and the perceived technology barriers come down, your revenues WILL decline.

Customer previously on hefty voice contracts will take your lowest voice contract and replace it witrh your unlimited data add-on.

Start to ramp up prices of data and people will simply move to the next cheapest company. Customer loyalty will be a distant memory.

Address this now – start to create attractive VoIP tariffs so that you can bring in the money to help make the mobile web become everything we all hope it will be.

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