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In-movie, in-offensive revenue-generation from youtube movies

I have to give a hat tip to my friend and colleague David Kinsella. We are looking to take viral to the next level having successfully created some excviting ideas of our own.

[tag]Asterpix[/tag] is the next level and allows you (the user) to highlight moving objects within a video and associate a link with that moving object. Think how you might tag a friend in facebook). In the example below, you have a surfer. Why not consider that the link (once hovered over) might take you to a board-shop or somewhere you can buy sex-wax, or even a wet-suit.

Other than being a GREAT idea, this truly opens the way up for creator-revenues instead of brand-revenues from UGC. It has been a contentious issue that the big brands are making ad-revenhue from all the UGC out there and not sharing it with the user. Imagine the affiliate model of this application…

Now THIS is what we have been waiting for.

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