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The new iMac – I JUST WANT ONE

Is this not the most stunning piece of machinery you have EVER seen – and I mean EVER.

You know, even if the OS was pants, it would still be a pleasure to use the new imac.

When you also take into account the new iWork suite of software, it looks like Apple have the desktop market ALL SEWN UP!

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  1. steve clayton says: August 8, 200712:19 pm

    Paul – I agree it’s pretty sweet looking but to say they have the desktop market all sewn up is a bit ambitious :)

  2. paul.fabretti says: August 9, 20074:50 am

    Ah but Steve, running dual-boot, with XP or Vista on there too – why would anyone need a grey (or black!) box anymore?

    We are in a style-conscious, label-driven society at the moment and looks are more important than functionality.

    The iMac has both in abundance!

  3. steve clayton says: August 9, 20078:26 am

    totally agree with you Paul but their premium prices will make mainstream adoption pretty hard

  4. paul.fabretti says: August 9, 20078:28 am

    Beauty always comes at a price!!

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