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Ogilvy say tread carefully on Facebook..gee guys, I never thought of THAT!

In a stark statement of "we haven’t got a bloody clue what it means yet but we desperately want to sound like we do…until we do" Rory Sutherland, Ogilvy’s executive creative director insults all our intelligence with a thinly veiled piece of 1990’s reminiscent PR crap stating in a terrible piece of marketing journalism:

"Like any community, you have to earn your place within it."

No, really…I am mean REALLY is that what we need to do?

It gets better:

"Brands must demonstrate their value, rather than preach to the audience."

Revolutionary. Truly revolutionary thinking.

Then again, this coming from a company promoting "Global 360 Degree Brand Stewardship®" – in other words, going round in circles…

To be fair to Rory (who I do not know) precisionmarketing’s appallingly conceived, clearly sponsored article is a sham and even originates as something to do with Equifax and how social networks are rife for ID thieves. Did Rory really know what drivel he was being part of?

Do these people really think this type of journalism still washes?

What utter, pathetic journalism. Is this really as good as modern marketing journalism get?

Precision Marketing – be aware that better print magazines are going out of business and they infinitely more on the ball than you.

As the incomparable Hugh MalLeod puts it:

"Technology changes – humans don’t"

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