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Facebook fun…numbers to make you think!


MarketingVox reports some interesting details about facebook’s recent growth.

Maybe the money isn’t in the kids after all…

      • More than half of Facebook users are not currently enrolled in a university or college.
      • The fastest-growing demographic is the 25+ age group.
      • Facebook is the sixth-most trafficked site in the United States.
      • Users spend an average of 20 minutes on the site daily.
      • The site is the No. 1 photo-sharing application on the web.
      • Photo application draws more than twice as much traffic as the next three sites combined.
      • Canada, with more than 3 million active users, has the most users outside of the US.
      • The UK has the third-largest user-base, with more than 2 million active users.
      • Over 1,800 applications have been built on the Facebook Platform.
      • More than 75 percent of Facebook users have used at least one Facebook application.

A natural shift in demographics from a wider user base or a sign of things to come for social networks?

One question – I wonder if the Twitter demographics work the other way around? Older founder members, getting younger…but aren’t the kids using IM?

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