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iPhone proves that there HAS to be a stand-alone mobile web


Mobile Web


Dave Winer, in his first-month report on his experience with the iPhone makes an extremely good obvservation about not just the iPhone, but mobile web browsers in general.

“there’s the limit of how much detail our eyes can see and how big our hands are”

And he is absolutely right. PDA’s have been around for long enough and developed by enough big companies for the product to have evolved into the perfect web browsing device – yet screen sizes remain largely the same as those of 10 years ago.

If screens on mobile devices really could be bigger and more importantly manageable, it is not unreasonable to believe that they would be by now – making a “one internet for all devices” situation highly likely.

OK, we all remember the infamous Microsoft Origami (UMPC) launch, but what has happened since? Barely smaller than a small laptop, are UMPC’s really the future of the mobile web?

I agree with Dave:

“It also seems we’re going to have a long-term discussion over whether it makes sense to have a “mobile web” or take the iPhone trade-off, more effort to use its web (lots of scrolling and pinching), but making the whole web accessible, mobile sites or non-mobile sites. I think what Apple has attempted is noble, but it’s not going to work.”

With the real promoters of mobile web (not surprisingly) being the mobile operators and therefore dictating the size of a) the device size b) the screen size and c) the mobile browser – a split mobile/static web can be the only direction for the foreseeable future.

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