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Is blogging dead?

Steve Rubel’s recent monkey and blogging post as well as a recent topic on the Strumpette facebook group has got me thinking about blogging, where we are with it and what, if anything is next.

For me, blogging in its present "web log" format is definitely on the decline. From memory the last Dave Sifry State of The Blogosphere demonstrated that blogging had reached a plateau.

With the emergence of facebook and twitter though, blogging as a term to describe conversations between people is on the increase.

What I find really exciting is the whole moblogging scene. I think that with the mass proliferation of mobile internet worldwide, not just in the US, moblogging as a way of communicating your thoughts, ideas, experience, sights and sounds in a flash is going to explode.

Mobile internet will allow a whole new way of communicating everything we see and hear…I am willing to share my ideas with anyone who has a nice office and a few hundred grand to spend developing it!!!

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