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July, 2007 Monthly archive


MarketingVox reports some interesting details about facebook’s recent growth.

Maybe the money isn’t in the kids after all…

      • More than half of Facebook users are not currently enrolled in a university or college.
      • The fastest-growing demographic is the 25+ age group.
      • Facebook is the sixth-most trafficked site in the United States.
      • Users spend an average of 20 minutes on the site daily.
      • The site is the No. 1 photo-sharing application on the web.
      • Photo application draws more than twice as much traffic as the next three sites combined.
      • Canada, with more than 3 million active users, has the most users outside of the US.
      • The UK has the third-largest user-base, with more than 2 million active users.
      • Over 1,800 applications have been built on the Facebook Platform.
      • More than 75 percent of Facebook users have used at least one Facebook application.

A natural shift in demographics from a wider user base or a sign of things to come for social networks?

One question – I wonder if the Twitter demographics work the other way around? Older founder members, getting younger…but aren’t the kids using IM?

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Mobile Web


Dave Winer, in his first-month report on his experience with the iPhone makes an extremely good obvservation about not just the iPhone, but mobile web browsers in general.

“there’s the limit of how much detail our eyes can see and how big our hands are”

And he is absolutely right. PDA’s have been around for long enough and developed by enough big companies for the product to have evolved into the perfect web browsing device – yet screen sizes remain largely the same as those of 10 years ago.

If screens on mobile devices really could be bigger and more importantly manageable, it is not unreasonable to believe that they would be by now – making a “one internet for all devices” situation highly likely.

OK, we all remember the infamous Microsoft Origami (UMPC) launch, but what has happened since? Barely smaller than a small laptop, are UMPC’s really the future of the mobile web?

I agree with Dave:

“It also seems we’re going to have a long-term discussion over whether it makes sense to have a “mobile web” or take the iPhone trade-off, more effort to use its web (lots of scrolling and pinching), but making the whole web accessible, mobile sites or non-mobile sites. I think what Apple has attempted is noble, but it’s not going to work.”

With the real promoters of mobile web (not surprisingly) being the mobile operators and therefore dictating the size of a) the device size b) the screen size and c) the mobile browser – a split mobile/static web can be the only direction for the foreseeable future.

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E-consultancy reports on a Quantcast report which shows that some facebook widget-developers are seeing three-fold increases in traffic to their websites.


  • In the this period Slide has seen its global reach triple, while daily global unique visitors have grown from 753,000 to more than 2.3m, an increase of 207%.
  • HotorNot has doubled its global reach, boosting daily traffic by 152%, from 289,000 to more than 722,000.
  • RockYou has also tripled its reach, and daily visitor numbers have risen by 339%, from 286,000 to more than 1.3m.
  • The FT reports that Bay Partners is looking to make up to 50 investments of between $25,000 to $250,000 (£12,000 to £120,000) to help developers build Facebook applications.
  • The online payments service Paypal is asking for developers to create a Facebook application that uses PayPal, with a $10,000 prize for the winner.

HotorNot, Slide and RockYou are all enjoying the facebook effect (March ’07 saw 18 million users. July 07 saw numbers increase to 35 million!).

Just because you may not be a developer, don’t think you can’t compete. Coming up with the idea is what makes this work. People who get “it” are essential.

Maybe you are an online clothing retailer. Think outside the box. Think like your customers, what do they enjoy? What do they like talking about? Who do they speak to? What is on their profiles? What other applications do they use? What are their aspirations? Think how you can meet all or most of these needs and help them communicate your product or service in ways they already communicate and you’re halfway there.

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The Twitter blog is reporting that US Senator, John Edwards will be answering questions in a webcast on his own site. He has asked Twitter users to post questions to @johnedwards in advance.

Whilst not exactly a commercial idea, it demonstrates the usefulness of Twitter as an engagement tool in an environment largely domniated by blogs and press releases.

 As the discussion over twitter/micro-blogging/moblogging grows, this looks to be a great way to reach audiences wherever and whenever they are.


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Steve Rubel’s recent monkey and blogging post as well as a recent topic on the Strumpette facebook group has got me thinking about blogging, where we are with it and what, if anything is next.

For me, blogging in its present "web log" format is definitely on the decline. From memory the last Dave Sifry State of The Blogosphere demonstrated that blogging had reached a plateau.

With the emergence of facebook and twitter though, blogging as a term to describe conversations between people is on the increase.

What I find really exciting is the whole moblogging scene. I think that with the mass proliferation of mobile internet worldwide, not just in the US, moblogging as a way of communicating your thoughts, ideas, experience, sights and sounds in a flash is going to explode.

Mobile internet will allow a whole new way of communicating everything we see and hear…I am willing to share my ideas with anyone who has a nice office and a few hundred grand to spend developing it!!!

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Steve Rubel reports that the page view is now dead. With the increased use of Ajax, updating only the dynamic content, page refreshes (and therefore their views) are no longer relevant.

Nielson are now measuring visit duration instead, but how does this address the matter of tabbed browsing? As soon as a new tab is opened, metrics start measuring the amount of time a user is on the website.

But, imagine (as I do) you open IE7 or Firefox with 3 tabs (Google Reader, BBC News and Facebook for example) the clock will start running even though on ALL 3 tabs at the same time, even though only one is "live".

With IE7 now bringing tabbed browsing to the mainstream how can metrics address this apparent shortfall in accuracy?

Maybe it already does, so if someone knows how this is being treated, please let me know!

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(thanks Euromac for the photo)

After many weeks of turmoil and a not insignificant amount of stress (!) I am delighted to say I have now accepted an offer of employment with a truly exciting company.

KMP, based in Stockport, Manchester are at the forefront of digital marketing, working on all manner of bluetooth, API, widget and social media projects, as well as industry-leading email and content-management systems. Aside from managing their own client-base, they provide many new media solutions to some of the largest agencies in the North.

They get "it" – we met on their facebook group – and I have never felt as enthusiastic about a job since…well, ever.

Digital is my life, and to be able to to what I love for a living is truly a thrill.

Bill, John and the rest of the guys, I really look forward to making this happen!

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84%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Are you addicted to blogging? My guess, if you have found my blog, the answer is a resounding yes (it can take some finding) but find out for yourself!

Thanks Steve for the heads-up..

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Sky News is reporting this morning that Alan Johnston (BBC journalist kidnapped in Gaza 3 months ago) has been freed.

Alan looks in good health (although much thinner) and seemed upbeat. One question though, to the BBC, why are you still running features on strawberries, floods and IVF? Your own friend and colleague has just been given his life back.

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…Can’t you just leave it for a while to be used for what it was designed to do rather than what it can’t yet do?

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