— blending the mix

…for those who thought the Waterstone’s problem might blow over…

An incredibly insightful comment on this blog from an existing Waterstone’s employee shed yet more light on the scurilous practices adopted by Waterstone’s – this time behind the scenes.

Further searches reveal these blogs are also reporting the horrible way the public are being duped and are even showing that other retailers are doing the same thing.

It seems obvious now that bookselling and freedom of choice is not the democratic process it once was…like my commentator suggested, maybe we should all be voting for booksellers with our feet.

I think we should be voting with our Macs and PC’s. [tag]Waterstones[/tag], [tag]WH Smith[/tag]…you can keep your paid-for positions. Years of exposure to Google Adwords has taught us to ignore paid-for listings – you are no different.

We are now wiser consumers; more connected and have more choice. Make YOUR choice – get us involved or get left behind. Your compeititon is but a click, a forum, a wiki or a blog away.

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