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Putting my CV online – a necessary evil experiment

Thanks to Nikki for the image.

In my online world, there are two types of evil:

I am looking for work. simple as that. If you think there may be an opening in the Manchester area for a marketer of all trades/digital marketer, or know of someone who knows someone (you get the picture!) please do get in touch! Yes, the CV is a bit stuffy, but skip through it – get the overall picture. If you are looking for someone who has practiced a lot of what he preaches and is creative and reliable, do please get in touch.

To be honest, I am terrified about the response. Several recruitment companies suggested I don’t even put my blog on my CV so to put it online is tantamount to suicide in conventional books!

But, you know, I figured what have I got to lose. Pride doesn’t pay the mortgage and you never know:

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
Mark Twain

(hat-tip to Alex Barnett for the quote!)

Maybe I’ll get some interest, maybe I’ll get some offers, but you know, as someone who likes to think of himself as a Web 2.0 practitioner, there is nothing like putting yourself out there to test the waters.

Check out bighippo.co.uk, read the rest of the blog, check out any gaps that my linkedIn or myragan profile might have – or just email me.

Finally…thank you for reading this far!

UPDATE: I was recently made redundant on the 11th May from the company I helped set-up – except no-one else there know what I do and the position is still open as far as I know! Work that one out!

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  1. RachelC says: May 26, 200710:23 am

    Your linked in profile link is your internal one, not the external one – it does not take you you the right place!

    Good luck on this – have you tried looking at Chinwag jobs, they seem to have a good listing

  2. Jesse Wilkins says: May 26, 200710:50 am

    Hi Paul,

    Saw Hugh’s link to you and happy to share with you what I told him. I have seen advice like what you received – and at the same time I see more push towards alternative vehicles like blogs, wikis, etc. My current position came about through networking, but it’s a staid enough company that a CV was required eventually. That I expect will be the last CV I ever submit; instead I am putting together a wiki that will have all of my presentations (including audio streams), my publications and e-books, samples of my work, and at the very top of the home page, a prebuilt Google query that will allow interested parties to search on me. Not all the links will be to me of course, but I think that provides a much better picture of who I am than any CV can.

    Hope this helps – best of luck to you!

  3. bogdan says: May 26, 200711:00 am


    fix the link to your linkedin profile, the one that you have now is showing ‘myprofile’ so the only one who see your’s is you … maybe it’s a sign and is time to become self-employed :)

  4. adam says: May 26, 200711:14 am

    Great mark twain quote; words to live by.
    Best of luck with the search.

  5. Clive Birnie says: May 27, 20075:28 am

    Paul, don’t put your cv down it works ok. I have seen some horrors and your’s is not in that bracket! And similarly don’t let the advice of recruitment luddites get you down. Questions:

    1. Does it have to be Manchester?
    2. Does it have to be employment?

    Read Positve Churn http://positivechurn.blogspot.com/, do some background on us http://www.severndelta.co.uk and http://www.enterpriseirregulars.com/EI/20838

    We have some other ventures in the incubator which remain off radar at the moment. But if the above makes you curious enough come and have coffee.


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  8. IT recruitment says: January 14, 20113:23 pm

    I hope your experiment went well! I know a number of people who are apprehensive about doing this, but as you say, what have you got to lose! You can always take it down afterwards.

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