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Agencies – how NOT to approach bloggers


Rachel at behindthebuzz has a great story from yesbutnoybutyes about an approach Scaramouch received by the agency representing Anheuser-Busch (the Budweiser people).

To cut a long story short, they made a lame movie that they wanted to take viral. They "scoured" 1500 blogs on the net (although Technorati currently track 73 million blogs so how much scouring they did is a bit of a mystery!) and decided to select yesbutnobutyes as one of the lucky few.

The agency needed only 150 people to get the ball rolling. Viral? eh? Surely the whole objective behind viral is to put something out there and let it grow freely. If you have scoured 1500 blogs, why not send something to all of them? Why should there be a limit to how many people get seeded? Does that mean they have a limit on how many people they want to see the movie too?!

What REALLY takes the piss though is that the agency weren’t happy to let the blogger run whatever type of post he wanted (embedded movie, screenshot, text posting or any other) they insisted that it was a banner ad. A bloody banner ad and run it for 2 months!

Do they have ANY idea what they are doing? Don’t answer that!

On this particular site, a skyscraper for the period would cost $1600 for two months – yet all the agency were offering was a $50 Amazon e-voucher. How pathetic.

I am starting to get angry now! (Just like Mr. Balmer above!!)

How DARE people who CLEARLY don’t understand the changing online environment make such derogatory offers. If they understood blogging – they wouldn’t make these types of approaches. when will they learn?

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