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Couldn’t the HD-DVD industry learn security tips from Indiana Jones or Lara Croft?

As odd as an outsider looking in to the recent Digg vs HD-DVD security code cracking I have one really annoying question…was it really wise to hinge the security and future of what is now a fully-fledged industry on the cracking of just ONE code?

Did Indy simply crack one code to get to the Lost Ark? Nope. How about the Temple of Doom? Them spikes were darn pesky?

Shoot me down in flames if this is a really naive view of movie/DVD security (I have no experience of this area at all!) but couldn’t they learn a thing or two from Indiana Jones – or at least the people who set up the traps in the first place.

There was NEVER, EVER one simple code/task to crack to get to the gold/jewels/the gal (delete as applicable). Why didn’t this happen with HD-DVD?

Are there not ways, (using the analogy from these movies) that allow different security steps to be integrated into technology such as HD-DVD, Blu-Ray etc. that ensures that one cracked code does not equal a broken industry? Are they already in place? Is the end nigh for HD-DVD? Is Blu-Ray any safer?

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