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Just a short post to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to Hugh. I have long admired (and often pestered) Hugh and drawn inspiration from his work. His support means the world to me.

Also, thanks to Adam, Jesse, Sean, Rachel and Bogdan for their support – the linkedIn public profile is now amended! Thanks guys.

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As my feverish search for work continues late into Friday night Saturday morning, I stumbled across this fabulous piece by Guy Kawasaki about threadless, the unique social network t-shirt website.

What a refreshing way to earn a living. When you see the way they work and the environment in which they work, work becomes so much less of a chore na dsomething you enjoy.

Something I am hoping to find in my next role, wherever and whatever it may be.

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Thanks to Nikki for the image.

In my online world, there are two types of evil:

I am looking for work. simple as that. If you think there may be an opening in the Manchester area for a marketer of all trades/digital marketer, or know of someone who knows someone (you get the picture!) please do get in touch! Yes, the CV is a bit stuffy, but skip through it – get the overall picture. If you are looking for someone who has practiced a lot of what he preaches and is creative and reliable, do please get in touch.

To be honest, I am terrified about the response. Several recruitment companies suggested I don’t even put my blog on my CV so to put it online is tantamount to suicide in conventional books!

But, you know, I figured what have I got to lose. Pride doesn’t pay the mortgage and you never know:

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
Mark Twain

(hat-tip to Alex Barnett for the quote!)

Maybe I’ll get some interest, maybe I’ll get some offers, but you know, as someone who likes to think of himself as a Web 2.0 practitioner, there is nothing like putting yourself out there to test the waters.

Check out bighippo.co.uk, read the rest of the blog, check out any gaps that my linkedIn or myragan profile might have – or just email me.

Finally…thank you for reading this far!

UPDATE: I was recently made redundant on the 11th May from the company I helped set-up – except no-one else there know what I do and the position is still open as far as I know! Work that one out!

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thanks enzo for the image

Steve Clayton (via David Brain) gave me the heads up on this fantastic presentation by Ian Thomas of Microsoft’s Digital Advertising Solutions’ team (link HERE to the slideshow presentation if the embedded script doesn’t work!) It is as succinct an example of what this new online environment is all about as you will ever see – IMHO!

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Rachel at behindthebuzz has a great story from yesbutnoybutyes about an approach Scaramouch received by the agency representing Anheuser-Busch (the Budweiser people).

To cut a long story short, they made a lame movie that they wanted to take viral. They "scoured" 1500 blogs on the net (although Technorati currently track 73 million blogs so how much scouring they did is a bit of a mystery!) and decided to select yesbutnobutyes as one of the lucky few.

The agency needed only 150 people to get the ball rolling. Viral? eh? Surely the whole objective behind viral is to put something out there and let it grow freely. If you have scoured 1500 blogs, why not send something to all of them? Why should there be a limit to how many people get seeded? Does that mean they have a limit on how many people they want to see the movie too?!

What REALLY takes the piss though is that the agency weren’t happy to let the blogger run whatever type of post he wanted (embedded movie, screenshot, text posting or any other) they insisted that it was a banner ad. A bloody banner ad and run it for 2 months!

Do they have ANY idea what they are doing? Don’t answer that!

On this particular site, a skyscraper for the period would cost $1600 for two months – yet all the agency were offering was a $50 Amazon e-voucher. How pathetic.

I am starting to get angry now! (Just like Mr. Balmer above!!)

How DARE people who CLEARLY don’t understand the changing online environment make such derogatory offers. If they understood blogging – they wouldn’t make these types of approaches. when will they learn?

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As odd as an outsider looking in to the recent Digg vs HD-DVD security code cracking I have one really annoying question…was it really wise to hinge the security and future of what is now a fully-fledged industry on the cracking of just ONE code?

Did Indy simply crack one code to get to the Lost Ark? Nope. How about the Temple of Doom? Them spikes were darn pesky?

Shoot me down in flames if this is a really naive view of movie/DVD security (I have no experience of this area at all!) but couldn’t they learn a thing or two from Indiana Jones – or at least the people who set up the traps in the first place.

There was NEVER, EVER one simple code/task to crack to get to the gold/jewels/the gal (delete as applicable). Why didn’t this happen with HD-DVD?

Are there not ways, (using the analogy from these movies) that allow different security steps to be integrated into technology such as HD-DVD, Blu-Ray etc. that ensures that one cracked code does not equal a broken industry? Are they already in place? Is the end nigh for HD-DVD? Is Blu-Ray any safer?

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