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Unsubscribe vs. Spam – don’t hide from it

Talking to a colleague earlier this week, it suddenly dawned on me I could actually be damaging my business through my own treatment of unwanted email.

Do you unsubscribe to emails you don’t want to receive or do you mark them as spam?

Just as I thought! Isn’t it so much easier to let hotmail, yahoo and google control what comes in your inbox by marking unwanted emails as spam than actually creating an unsubscribe email, replying with unsubscribe or following a de-registration process?

But in doing so, all you are doing is telling ISP’s that you consider a legitimate (albeit unwanted) business approach to be as relevant to you as Viagra or those, y’know thingy extensions (which actually begs the questions where WOULD you buy Viagra from online?!!).

Anyway…my personal issues aside (!)… most marketeers would rather shy away or hide the unsubscribe button/link for fear of losing subscribers and therefore business, but what would you do if you lost business because your emails never even made it past the ISP?

It takes less than a second to click "report spam". It takes less than a second to click "unsubscribe". It takes weeks if not months though to get yourself de-listed from the spam archives of the ISP.

Make it as easy to unsubscribe as it is to subscribe and you will end up with a receptive, fresh and eager subscriber base.

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