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What IS Google playing at with Google Checkout?

Just what IS Google playing at.

With over 10 years to catch up on Paypal and Worldpay, does Google think that it can dominate payment systems too?

OR like with its office suites of products, is it just ensuring it has a presence in the field to build its experience?

Search domination is one thing, but in the other fields such as word processing (google docs), shopping search (froogle), email (Gmail – although to a lesser extent), news and images – they are way behind everyone else. Do they honestly believe they have the capability to catch-up, match, then beat microsoft, kelkoo, yahoo, bbc and flickr anytime soon or is there a matter of pride at stake here?

Why are they doing it?

It is crucial for Google to have a presence in other markets or else its virtual monopoly is wasted. And this is the crucial point by UK Consumer Marketing Chief, Obi Felton:

"The starting point is our core products,"

By offering a payments service too, Google is the conduit for the shop search, product search and now the payment.

With 75% dominance of UK search that is an awful lot of shops and products people are searching for – and it makes perfect sense. You wouldn’t take your car to a drive-through car wash and have to drive elsewhere to the next stage would you?

Interesting too is that user’s trust in Google is such that almost 60% of users who didn’t find what they wanted first time round in tests, thought they had typed the search query incorrectly.

So, all in all, it is quite a move for Google…using its trustworthy name to enter a new market rather than trading-off its technological expertise and capabilities. My only question is this:

What happens to Google’s reputation when fraudsters attack it as much as Paypal is attacked now? Is their search reliability and credibility likely to be affected too?

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